There are no individual members of ABF - the clubs are the members. Thus, the terms Home or Alternate members, refer to the members of the various clubs, affiliated with the ABF through their respective home clubs.

i) Home Members

Players may belong to any number of clubs, but they must nominate one club as their home club. The home club is responsible for paying all fees due to the ABF and to their respective State Association. Home members are automatically included on their home club's reports and printouts and cannot be removed from these except upon death or upon transferring their home club membership elsewhere.

ii) Alternate Members

It is important that the term alternate member is understood. It simply refers to a player who, whilst having his or her home club registration elsewhere, has been included in a club's reports and printouts, at the request of that club - the player concerned need not even be a member of the club.

Conversely, just because a player joins a club (other than their home club), it does not necessarily make that player an alternate member and the player will not automatically be included in the reports for that club. Such players only become alternate members following the club's request to have them included on their reports. Once registered as alternate members, these players will be automatically included on all the reports for that club, regardless of whether or not they have recently earned masterpoints there.

Please note that the alternate club is not responsible to the ABF in any way for that player, and may request the Centre to remove that player from its reports at any time. The relationship between a club and its non-home club members is of no concern to the ABF.

Finally, players whose home club have been changed will only appear on their original club's schedules if that club has requested alternate member classification for them.

iii) Other Players

Non-home club and non-alternate members will appear on a club report only when they have earned masterpoints at that club during the past quarter. They will not appear on any other of the club’s reports or printouts.


There are two ways to register a player.

(1) Using the Website

This is the preferred method. Go to the Centre's main page, log in using your supplied login name and password, and then:

(ii) Using Manual forms

For clubs without web site access, a supply of the green Player Details forms can be requested from the Centre. The forms should be completed and mailed to the address printed on the forms, or faxed to the Centre.


Updates consist of editing details (name, address etc), transferring a player's home club to your club, reactivating a player whose membership has lapsed and recording a player as deceased. These are all performed on the web site by logging into the site and selecting Edit Player Details.
Alternates are managed by clicking Alternates on the left menu.


1. New Player

This process applies only to players who have never been previously issued with an ABF number - players who have been previously registered should instead be activated. Please include all details requested on the forms, apart from the year of birth (which is optional). Once a player has been issued with a number, that number stays with the player until death, even if the player becomes inactive.

2. Reactivation

This function is used when a player previously issued with a masterpoint number wishes to rejoin after a period of inactivity (i.e. the player's membership has, at some stage, been cancelled by their home club).
Note (i) If your player is inactive and was formerly a member of club other than yours, this needs to be processed as a reactivation. Reactivating by your club automatically makes your club their home club.
Note (ii): Players who already have a home club cannot be "activated". The choice here is between a transferring to your club, or adding the player as an alternate member (see 4 below and 5 below).

3. Change Details

This is used to change the details of your current home members.

4. Transfer

This facility is used when a player registered elsewhere wants to make your club their home club.

5. Alternates

This is for the circumstance when your club wants a player whose registered home club is elsewhere to be included in your club's reports or included in the CPAR on-line and printed forms. New home club members are added to your reports automatically.

6. Deceased

This function may only be used on the death of a player. In other words, you cannot use it for the purpose of "cancelling", "deleting" or "removing" a player from your schedule of home club players (see 8 below). Players marked as deceased are automatically removed from all reports and printouts.

7. Cancellation of Home Members

Cancellations of home club memberships can only be done at one time each year, using the on-line option Player Cancellations, or by completing the Membership Declaration forms issued by The Centre at the beginning of the January quarter. This process is used to cancel those players who do not wish to renew their memberships.
Players for which the cancellation has not been advised to the Centre by the advertised deadline will be renewed and must stay active for the rest of the year.
No cancellations will be accepted after the advertised deadline, which is usually the last working day of March.