Please note that awards appear on players' accounts immediately they are uploaded to the database, but are marked as "provisional" until the Centre approves then and closes the month.

There are three different ways to submit your awards to the Masterpoint Centre:

1. Upload a file to the Masterpoints Centre web site

Award files created from your scoring program, Nat4Win or some other means can be uploaded via the web site. After logging in, select Upload Awards File and follow the prompts. Be sure to complete the process - just uploading but not processing will not apply the points to the database, and if you navigate away from that screen, they will be lost.

2. Submitting awards directly from the Masterpoint Centre web site

Go to the Centre web site, select "Enter Awards (CPAR)" or "Enter Awards Sundry" and follow the instructions. The screen display should be self-explanatory.

Your home and alternate members will be listed on the CPAR page, and you can use the Sundry page for other players who earned masterpoints at your club.

3. On paper, by hand-written forms and "snail-mail" (or fax)

If you wish to use this method, you must advise the Masterpoint Centre, so that the appropriate CPAR (Club Player Awards Register) and Sundry Awards forms can be mailed to you.

These forms are issued at the beginning of each quarter and should be completed and returned before the advertised deadline. They come pre-printed with the names and ABF numbers of your home and alternate members. Instructions are printed on the back of the cover page

The Sundry Awards forms, which don't have any player details pre-printed, are to be used for those players whose names don't appear on the CPAR schedule.

Awards submitted on any other forms cannot be accepted.