The schedule of fees currently in force is tabulated in below. Adhesive labels will be issued whenever these charges are varied. All payments should be made to the ABF Masterpoint Centre.


A masterpoint levy is billed quarterly on the total points issued by a club in all its club events. Masterpoints from Congresses and State events are billed as they are processed by the Masterpoint Centre.


An annual capitation fee is payable to the ABF by all clubs affiliated to the ABF through their State Association. The fee is levied on all home club members once a year, after the clubs have declared their current membership as at March 31st, and then quarterly for additional members as the clubs register new players or reactivate old ones.

An exception applies to the above for any new club that affiliates with their State Association for the first time. The ABF will waive the annual capitation fee for home club members for the first ABF registration year (12 months from 1st April, or part thereof). This exemption will only apply to newly registered home club members that have never previously been a member of the ABF Masterpoint scheme.


Schedule of Fees as at April 1st 2014

1. Masterpoint levies per masterpoint (including GST):

Grades A3, B3, B4, B5 $1.85
Grades C, D, E, F $1.75
Grades B4c, B4s, B5i $1.40
Grades A, A2, B $1.20

2. Capitation fees per home club player:

April 1st - September 30th. $15.00*
October 1st - December 31st $7.50*
January 1st - March 31stNil


* Clubs registering NEW players during these periods will receive a $1 commission per player, in the form of a reduced fee.


A 4% per month penalty will be charged whenever the credit file for a gold or red point event (other than club B4c/B5i, GNOT and GNP events) is lodged more than 30 days after the competition ended.

A 10% per quarter penalty will be charged for all accounts overdue by more than 90 days.