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Masterpoint Awards - 2018 GNOT

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Club Selections
2-022 Brisbane Water Bridge Club IncGNOT Brisbane Water Heat (BWG)Details
2-116 Leeton Soldiers Bridge ClubGNOT Leeton Heat (LEG)Details
2-234 The Sapphire Coast Bridge Club IncGNOT Sapphire Heat (SJG)Details
2-237 St George Budapest Bridge ClubGNOT St George Budapest Heat (SGG)Details
2-263 Twin Towns Bridge ClubGNOT Twin Towns Heat (TIG)Details
Direct Qualification
2-001 New South Wales Bridge Association IncGNOT NSWBA Direct Qualifier (2GD)Details

Club Selections
3-308 Bairnsdale Bridge Club IncorporatedGNOT Bairnsdale Heat (BIG)Details
3-356 Frankston Bridge ClubGNOT Frankston Heat (FRG)Details
3-360 Geelong Bridge ClubGNOT Geelong Heat (GEG)Details
3-430 Ocean Grove Bridge ClubGNOT Ocean Grove Heat (OCG)Details
3-435 Paynesville Bridge ClubGNOT Paynesville Heat (PYG)Details
3-440 Phillip Island Bridge Club IncGNOT Phillip Island Heat (PUG)Details
3-455 Sale Bridge ClubGNOT Sale Heat (SAG)Details
3-477 Traralgon Bridge ClubGNOT Traralgon Heat (TXG)Details

Club Selections
4-503 Arana Contract Bridge Club IncGNOT Arana Heat (ACF)Details
4-505 Hervey Bay City Bridge Club IncGNOT Hervey Bay Heat (HBG)Details
4-515 Caboolture Bridge ClubGNOT Caboolture Heat (CZG)Details
4-523 Coolum Bridge ClubGNOT Coolum Heat (C2N)Details
4-528 Brisbane Bridge CentreGNOT BBC Heat (BBH)Details
4-530 Darling Downs Bridge ClubGNOT Darling Downs Heat (DDG)Details
4-545 Northern Suburbs Bridge Club IncGNOT NSBC Heat (NSH)Details
4-555 Queensland Contract Bridge ClubGNOT QCBC Heat (RQH)Details
4-572 Toowong Bridge Club IncGNOT Toowong Heat (TGG)Details
4-590 Cairns Bridge ClubGNOT Cairns Heat (CSF)Details
4-592 Caloundra Contract Bridge Club IncGNOT Caloundra Heat (CAF)Details
4-620 Gold Coast Bridge ClubGNOT Gold Coast Heat (GCG)Details
4-640 Mackay Contract Bridge Club IncGNOT Mackay Heat (MYH)Details
4-650 Moreton Bribie Bridge Club IncGNOT Moreton Bribie Heat (MRH)Details
4-657 Noosa Bridge Club IncGNOT Noosa Heat (NOF)Details
4-680 Sunshine Coast Contract Bridge Club IncGNOT Sunshine Coast Heat (SUG)Details
4-682 Surfers Paradise Bridge Club IncorporatedGNOT Surfers Paradise Heat (SFH)Details
4-683 Tablelands Bridge ClubGNOT Tableland Heat (TLG)Details
4-688 Toowoomba Bridge Club IncGNOT Toowoomba Heat (TAG)Details
4-690 Townsville Bridge ClubGNOT Townsville Heat (TNF)Details
4-696 Warwick Bridge ClubGNOT Warwick Heat (WKF)Details

Regional Finals
5-701 South Australian Bridge AssociationGNOT SABA Heat (IIG)Details
Club Selections
5-708 Bridge In The BarossaGNOT Barossa Heat (B9G)Details
5-711 Gawler & District Bridge Club IncGNOT Gawler Heat (GAG)Details

Regional Finals
6-751 Bridge Association Of Western AustraliaGNOT City Final (6GC)Details
Club Selections
6-758 City of Melville Bridge Club IncGNOT Melville Heat (CMG)Details
6-764 Fremantle Bridge ClubGNOT Fremantle Heat (FCA)Details
6-785 Nedlands Bridge Club IncGNOT Nedlands Heat (NEA)Details
6-788 South Perth Bridge ClubGNOT Sth Perth Heat (SPG)Details
6-792 Undercroft Bridge Club IncGNOT Undercroft Heat (UCG)Details
6-794 West Coast Bridge ClubGNOT West Coast Heat (WCG)Details

Club Selections
8-901 Northern Territory Bridge AssociationGNOT Arafura Heat (NTA)Details
8-901 Northern Territory Bridge AssociationGNOT Alice Springs Heat (NTS)Details