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NameBill McCreadieYour Masterpoints
ABF Number1130323Gold0.00
Home ClubMandurah (6-778)Red0.00
RankNil Master Green1.28
2022 McCutcheon Rank16871 (with 0.81 masterpoints)Total1.28
Next PromotionYou need a further 0.72 masterpoints, including 0.00 gold and 0.00 gold/red to reach Graduate. 
 Opening balance 31-Jul-21
Aug-20216778Mandurah   0.060.39
Dec-20216778Mandurah   0.080.47
Jan-20226778Mandurah   0.080.55
Feb-20226778Mandurah   0.050.60
Mar-20226778Mandurah   0.421.02
Apr-20226778Mandurah   0.131.15
Jun-20226778Mandurah   0.081.23
Jul-20226778Mandurah   0.051.28
 Closing balance 31-Jul-