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NameRon KlingerYour Masterpoints
ABF Number33642Gold7,988.21
Home ClubHoliday (2-011)Red3,593.81
RankEmerald Grand Master Click here for information about ranksGreen17.47
2020 McCutcheon Rank103 (with 63.96 masterpoints)Total11,599.49
Next PromotionYou need a further 3,400.51 masterpoints, including 0.00 gold and 258.23 gold/red to reach Diamond Grand. (40% of your 2,899.37 pre-82 red points count as additional gold points.) 
 Opening balance 31-Aug-19 7,787.243,593.8117.4711,398.52
Oct-201992GCIB Golden Wattle Open Teams 4.09  11,402.61
Oct-20199ROSNOT Open Teams 76.78  11,479.39
Oct-201992BCIB Royal Bluebell Matchpointed Swiss Pairs 1.26  11,480.65
Oct-20199RSSNOT Senior Teams 26.07  11,506.72
Nov-20199POOpen Play-Offs 18.04  11,524.76
Dec-20199PSSenior Play-Offs 10.77  11,535.53
Jan-20209SASummer Festival Senior Teams 16.06  11,551.59
Jan-20209SPSummer Festival SWPT 15.71  11,567.30
Mar-20209G2GCC Open Teams 10.65  11,577.95
Mar-20209G1GCC Open Pairs 21.54  11,599.49
 Closing balance 31-Aug-207,988.213,593.8117.4711,599.49