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NameSandy AndersonYour Masterpoints
ABF Number729639Gold5.77
Home ClubMandurah (6-778)Red19.73
RankState Master Green61.53
2022 McCutcheon Rank14700 (with 1.25 masterpoints)Total87.03
Next PromotionYou need a further 12.97 masterpoints, including 0.00 gold and 24.50 gold/red to reach Bronze State. 
 Opening balance 31-Jul-21 5.7718.9058.8783.54
Aug-20216778Mandurah   0.2583.79
Sep-20216784Rockingham   0.1883.97
Sep-20216778Mandurah   0.1984.16
Oct-20216778Mandurah   0.0984.25
Nov-20216778Mandurah   0.3684.61
Dec-20216778Mandurah   0.3484.95
Dec-20216778Mandurah  0.83 85.78
Jan-20226778Mandurah   0.2786.05
Feb-20226778Mandurah   0.3386.38
Mar-20226778Mandurah   0.1186.49
May-20226778Mandurah   0.5487.03
 Closing balance 31-Jul-225.7719.7361.5387.03