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NameRosalie Creed LarkinYour Masterpoints
ABF Number798381Gold0.00
Home ClubMandurah (6-778)Red6.84
RankRegional Master Click here for information about ranksGreen57.44
2020 McCutcheon Rank9736 (with 2.29 masterpoints)Total64.28
Next PromotionYou need a further 35.72 masterpoints, including 0.00 gold and 0.00 gold/red to reach *Regional. 
 Opening balance 31-Aug-19 0.006.3953.0959.48
Oct-20196778Mandurah   1.8161.29
Nov-20196778Mandurah   0.5061.79
Nov-20199ERAustralia Wide Restricted Pairs  0.20 61.99
Jan-202091BBushfire Appeal  0.25 62.24
Jan-20206778Mandurah   0.2962.53
Feb-20206778Mandurah   0.4162.94
Mar-20206778Mandurah   0.4563.39
Jul-20206778Mandurah   0.1763.56
Aug-20206778Mandurah   0.7264.28
 Closing balance 31-Aug-200.006.8457.4464.28